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    SoleilkiJapanese Fusion: Fort McMurray

    Soleilki Japanese FusionFort McMurray

    Main Menu

    (Rice Bowl, Brown Rice + 3)

    Teriyaki Chicken or Beef Don


    Teriyaki Salmon Don


    Katsu Don


    (Chicken or Pork w/ Onion & Egg)

    Tempura Don


    Unagi Don


    (BBQ Eel)

    (Udon or Ramen, Add Wonton Only +2)

    Tofu Vegetable


    Chicken or Beef


    Teriyaki Chicken or Beef


    BBQ Pork








    Japanese Breaded Deep Fried (Served with Rice)

    Sweet Pork, Chicken or Beef


    Sesame Pork, Chicken or Beef


    Ginger Pork, Chicken or Beef


    (Pan Fried Thick Or Thin Noodle)

    Tofu Vegetarian


    Beef, Chicken or BBQ Pork




    (Served with Miso Soup & Rice)

    Chicken Teriyaki


    Beef Teriyaki


    Salmon or Sole or Prawn






    AAA New York Steak


    (6oz) (Teriyaki)

    (Served with Miso, Salad & Rice) (Brown Rice + 3.99)

    Box A


    California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, Appetizer Tempura & Spring Roll

    Box B


    Appetizer Sashimi (4 pcs), 3 pcs Sushi (Salmon, Tuna, Ebi), Beef Teriyaki & Appetizer Tempura

    Box C


    Avocado, Gomaae, Tofu Teriyaki & Vegetable Tempura

    Box D


    Dynamite Roll, Appetizer Tempura (4 pcs), Salmon Teriyaki & Spring Roll

    Deluxe Box E


    Teriyaki AAA Steak (4 oz), Lobster tail, Appetizer Sashimi (3 pcs), Appetizer Tempura, Prawn Tempura Roll & Ice Cream

    (Served w/ Sunomono & Miso Soup)

    Dinner For 2A


    6 pcs Sashimi, Assorted Sushi, Assorted Tempura, Sesame Chicken, Gyoza, Harumaki & Rice

    Dinner For 2B


    Assorted Tempura, Ika Karrage, Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Gyoza, Harumaki, Seafood Yakisoba

    Deluxe Dinner 2C


    2 Lobster Tail Garlic Butter, 6 pcs Sashimi, Assorted Sushi, Assorted Tempura, Ebi Gyoza, Cheese Harumaki, Seafood Chaahan

    Party Tray A


    Futomaki Roll, Dynamite Roll, California Roll, Salom Maki, Tuna Maki, 2 pcs Salmon, 2 pcs Tuna & 2 pcs Ebi

    Party Tray B


    Dragon, Soleilki Chef Special, Rainbow, Alaska & Dynamite Roll

    Party Tray C


    Alaska Roll, Dynamite Roll, Kappa Maki, Tuna Maki, California Roll, 8 pc Sashimi, 8 pc sushi

    Cheese Harumaki


    Fried Wonton


    Chicken Karaage


    Gyoza (6 pcs)


    Ebi Gyoza (6 pcs)


    Ika Karaage


    Soft Shell Crab


    Oyster Motoyaki (2 pcs)


    Mussel Garlic Butter (8 pcs)


    Prawn & Scallop Garlic Butter


    Lobster Tail w/ Garlic Butter


    Mango Chicken Lettuce Wrap


    Appetizer Tempura


    Appetizer Sashimi


    (Salmon & Tuna)

    Beef Skewer


    (BBQ, AAA Steak)



    (Chicken Skewer)

    Ebi Mayo


    Prawn Skewer


    Whole Ika Shioyaki



    Saba Shioyaki


    Unagi Shioyaki




    (Octopus Balls, 8 pcs)

    Salmon Salad


    Seafood Salad


    House Salad


    Crab Salad


    Suki Yaki


    (Japanese Style Beef Hot Pot)

    Yose Nabe


    (Japanese Style Seafood Hot Pot)

    Assorted Sashimi (12 pcs)


    Salmon Sashimi (8 pcs)


    Tuna Sashimi (8 pcs)


    Spicy Salmon Sashimi


    Spicy Tuna Sashimi


    Salmon & Tuna Sashimi (8 pcs)


    Tuna Tataki


    (Seared Tuna w/ Ponze sauce)

    Beef Tataki


    (Seared AAA Beef w/ Ponze sauce)

    Sockeye Sashimi


    Tako Sashimi


    Vegetable tempura (8 pcs)


    Yam Tempura (8 pcs)


    Pumpkin Tempura (8 pcs)


    Onion Tempura (8 pcs)


    Salmon & Tai Tempura (8 pcs)


    Prawn tempura (8 pcs)


    Assorted tempura


    (4 pcs prawn & 6 pcs vegetable)

    Seafood Tempura (8 pcs)


    Brown Rice +2

    Caterpillar Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Tamago, Unagi topped with Avocado)

    Pacific Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Yam, Cream Cheese topped with Crab Meat)

    Crunchy Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Prawn Tempura topped w/ Tempura Bit)

    Spicy Maple Roll


    (Spicy Tuna Topped With Spicy Salmon)

    Rainbow Roll


    (California Roll Topped with Assorted Sashimi)

    Stanley Park Roll


    (Avocado, Cream Cheese, Kappa, Yam topped with Unagi Teriyaki)

    Philadelphia Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Cream Cheese, Salmon topped with Smoke Salmon)

    Golden Dragon Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Prawn Tempura topped w/ Salmon & Tobiko)

    Green Dragon Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Prawn Tempura topped w/ Avocado)

    Osaka Roll


    (Deep Fried Roll)(Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Unagi, Crab Meat, Avocado, kappa and Cheese.)

    White Dragon Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Prawn Tempura topped w/ Red Snaper & Tobiko)

    Black Dragon Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Prawn Tempura topped w/ Unagi & Tobiko)

    Maple Leaf Roll


    (Avocado, Salmon topped with Kani, Mayonnaise & Tobiko)

    Soleilki Roll


    (Salmon, Tuna, Asparagus, Avocado, Tobiko, Kappa)

    Oiler Roll


    (Crispy Tuna, Avocado, Kappa, topped w/ Unagi & Tobiko)

    Seasonal Mango Roll


    (Kappa, Mango, Cream Cheese, Bit & Mango Puree)

    Sunshine Roll


    (Avocado, Kappa, Kani, Topped with Spicy Mayo, Cheese and Salmon)

    Canucks Roll


    (Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Lettuce, Tamago topped w/ Assorted Sashimi & Tobiko)

    Angel Roll


    (Salmon, Mango, Avocado, Kappa, topped w/ Crab Meat)

    Tuna Lover


    (Deep Fried Tuna, Avocado, Kappa topped with Spicy Tuna)

    Lobster Roll


    (Lobster, Avocado, Kappa, Lettuce, Onion, Mushroom topped w/ Assorted Sashimi

    Brown Rice +2

    Kappa Maki


    Inari Roll


    Tekka Maki



    Salmon Maki


    Sokeye Maki


    (Wild Salmon)

    Asparagus Roll


    Tamago Roll


    Yam Tempura Roll


    Vegetable Roll

    roll $7.25 / cone $5.25

    Avocado Roll


    AC Roll

    roll $7.99 / cone $5.25

    (Avocado & Cucumber)

    Oshiko Roll


    Seaweed Salad Roll

    roll $7.99 / cone $5.25

    Negitoro Roll

    roll $7.99 / cone $6.50



    California Roll

    roll $7.50 / cone $5.99

    (imitation crab & Avocado)

    Spicy Salmon Roll

    roll $9.25 / cone $6.95

    Spicy Tuna Roll

    roll $9.25 / cone $6.95

    Chicken Teriyaki Roll


    Beef Teriyaki Roll


    Deep Fried California Roll


    Spicy Scallop Roll

    roll $9.25 / cone $6.95

    Unagi Roll

    roll $9.65 / cone $7.99

    Salmon Tempura Roll


    Scallop Roll

    roll $9.25 / cone $6.95

    Spider Roll


    Deep Fried Maki


    (Spicy Tuna)

    Deep Fried Spicy Salmon Roll


    Dynamite Roll

    roll $11.25 / cone $7.25

    Alaska Roll


    (California Roll w/ Smoked Salmon)

    Salmon & Tuna Combo


    (Tuna Maki, Salmon Tempura Roll, 2 pcs Salmon Sushi & 2 pcs Tuna Sushi

    Maki Combo


    (Tuna Maki, Salmon Maki, Kappa Maki & Avocado Maki)

    California Combo


    (California Roll, 2 pcs Salmon, 2 pcs Tuna & 2 pcs Ebi)

    Spicy Combo


    (Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Scallop Roll & Spicy Salmon Roll)

    Salmon Combo


    (Alaska Roll, Salmon Maki, 4 pcs Salmon Sushi)

    Assorted Sushi Combo


    (Tuna Maki, 7 pcs Assorted Sushi)

    Dynamite Combo


    (Dynamite Roll, 2 pcs Salmon, 2 pcs Tuna & 2 pcs Ebi)

    Special Combo


    Choose Any 3 Items from the Maki Roll Menu (#1 to #25)

    Brown Rice +2.00

    Chirashi Don


    (Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice)

    Tuna Don


    Salmon Don


    Tuna & Salmon Don


    (Japanese Fried Rice)

    Beef, Chicken or BBQ Pork






    Come with Rice and Salad, Substitute to Udon + $3

    Chicken Karaage Curry


    Pork Katsu Curry


    Fish Katsu Curry


    Beef Curry


    Tofu Vegetarian


    Soleilki— Japanese Fusion Cuisine at Its Finest in Fort McMurray

    A truly unique dining experience in Fort McMurray, Soleilki offer guests the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese cuisine handcrafted by highly qualified chef artisans. To meet the specific needs of our clientele, we have carefully selected the most popular Japanese dishes and combined leading fusion elements to create food that is attractive, delicious, and one of a kind.

    Offering both all you can eat buffet and a la carte selections, Soleilki is well-renowned across the province for its top notch sushi, sashimi, and ramen noodles, providing the authentic Japanese cuisine experience for guests in Fort McMurray .
    Our highly qualified team of culinary professionals have created unique menu items by combining classic Japanese dishes with North American tastes to craft such unique taste sensations as the Japadog, the Japanese hot dog equivalent which is battered in tempura then deep fried to a rich, golden brown.

    A true gem in the heart of Fort McMurray, Soleilki’s most popular dishes include:
    • Chicken karage (fried chicken)
    • Salt and pepper wings
    • Miso soup
    • Pork katsu
    • Chicken teriyaki
    • Sushi egg chili wonton
    • Macaroon chocolate cheesecake
    • Bubble tea

    At Soleilki, we believe a memorable dining experience cannot be achieved without exceptional customer service. Each of our staff has been highly trained to make each Soleilki visit special whether you dine in or opt to take advantage of our takeout or delivery services.

    For the finest Japanese fusion food in the region, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to Soleilki. Stop by to enjoy a meal today. We look forward to serving you.